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A rug that is made out of synthetic fiber olefin is called an olefin rug. The olefin rugs are also called as polypropylene rugs depending on the chemical composition of the fiber.

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Olefin rugs are known for its stain resistance and they are easy to clean. If you treat them with water they dries off quickly. The tight structure of the olefin fibers helps the rugs to maintain their original shapes.

Olefin rugs are generally used in the high traffic areas that attract more spillages and ideal for places like porches, decks, and patios. The main advantage of these synthetic rugs are that they are easy to clean and do not color fade even after repeated washings. You can find them different in designs, colors, and shapes as well as in desirable pile heights. Due to their amazing versatility the decorators are incorporating them extensively.

Some of your home exterior areas like patios, decks and porches require highly durable rugs. Olefin rugs are also very ideal for your exteriors and you can just hose them and allow drying. Since they are used outside, you can use some mild detergent to just brush off stained areas and they will dry up quickly. Moreover, the rugs manufactured for outdoor purposes like golf courses and swimming pools are strongly made and durable. They are designed to avoid accidental slipping, as they do not hold moisture as that of nylon rugs.

Olefin rugs are not only made to imitate grass or serve as welcome mats, they also highly resemble other traditional rugs such as Persian, Tibetan and other Oriental styles. They also incorporate several geometric and traditional flowery and animal patterns. You can also buy theme-based rugs from various online shops for your home. Those who have kids at home can go for children olefin rugs that will decorate your kids’ room.

To sum up the advantages of olefin rugs, they are easy to clean and maintain. Since they are dyed during the process of making the fiber, the color runs all through the fiber. This enables the fibers to retain the color for longer time. They do not absorb moisture and thus they do not stain fast. The last but not the least advantage is that they are less expensive.

The disadvantages of the olefin rugs are that they can easily wear if they are used outside extensively. When hit or crushed with hard substances the fibers may get crushed due to the soft nature. Hence, they are used in looped construction to supply more strength to the fibers. One more disadvantage of the olefin rugs is that they can attract oil and grease like a magnet. Therefore, if you use them in high traffic areas or dark areas you will find them difficult to maintain.

Online trading is the best method of selecting the right kind of olefin rugs for your home or office. Some online stores offer discount rugs though the olefin rugs are basically inexpensive. You can compare the prices, discounts, brands and many other aspects through Internet browsing to arrive at your best choice of olefin rug.


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